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Why Blogger Contact Form Widget Doesn't Work

Why Blogger Contact Form Widget Doesn't Work

Why Blogger Contact Form Widget Doesn't Work? - Many of our followers tell us that Blogger's contact form widget is not working, and millions of Blogger users are currently experiencing this issue. The same problem may be on your blog site. Please read our article to the end.
A message is sent via the contact form, but unfortunately there is no message in the admin e-mail. No e-mail message when spam and all categories are checked. Multiple solutions have been tried, but the problem has not been fixed.
To eliminate this issue, many bloggers thought that the source of the problem was caused by the theme, and installed Blogger's default themes. However, this did not solve the problem, and the contact form still does not work.
So what should be done?
  1. Go to your Blogger profile and make sure your Gmail address is the same as the Google account you sign in to. Edit other sections on your profile page to allow the page to save.
  2. Click Save Profile.
  3. Clear the history of the web browser.
  4. Go to the Blogger admin page and click the Layout tab. Click Edit Contact Form gadget.
  5. Click Save to save the widget without making any changes.
You have been unsuccessful in all the ways you have applied to find a solution. This is not a problem with your blog site.
It has been determined that the contact form ...blogspot.comdoes not send e-mails to their blogs when tested , but there are no problems in blogs with a private domain name.

Blogger Dashboard Becomes Responsive

The Blogger Team is currently aware of these issues and no new updates have been released yet. You need to be a little patient about this.

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