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How To Get New Articles Quickly Indexed by Google

How To Get New Articles Quickly Indexed by Google

Having articles indexed is a dream of bloggers. But sometimes it is difficult to do it. We as bloggers are difficult to optimize so that our articles can be indexed by search engines (Google). It is very important and must be for an article to be able to be in search engines. But so that it can be realized we have to do ways so that the article is able to enter Google search .

Many ways can be used so that blog articles can be indexed by Google. From using an external method to using an internal method using tools that Google has provided. In addition to thinking about how articles are able to index you also have to think of ways so that articles that are already indexed are not just wasted. You should try to have your blog articles indexed on the first page of the search.

All of these are related to SEO, so you must improve your SEO knowledge. It is very important for you to learn about SEO from an early age. For the first stage, you must optimize your article on search engines. In order for your article to be able to index Google quickly, you must do the following:

1. Choosing an SEO Template

When you want to create a blog, one of the things you must determine is what template / theme you will use. Because the template is the basic thing when you are going to create a blog, you should think and choose a template that is beautiful and suitable for the development of your blog.

Beautiful templates so that blogs and articles in them can be indexed by search engines so you must use SEO Friendly templates. The template is search engine friendly and can be used to optimally improve search engines. You are able to search and download SEO templates on google which is of course free. Or buy premium SEO-friendly templates.

2. Submit a Sitemap

For this one way, we use the way from within, namely by using Google's webmaster tools. With this we are able to optimize our blog articles so they can be indexed on Google. Submit a sitemap is very easy. Its function is that Google is able to easily carry out crawl or crawling on our blog.

Similar to the sitemap on the blog, the sitemap that has been submitted to the webmaster serves to make it easier for search engine robots to recognize the structure of our blog (the site map function).

3. Fetch As Article URL

By implementing the article fetch you are able to have the opportunity so that the articles on the blog are able to be indexed by search engines. You are able to implement your article url fetch every time you create a new article. Or by fetching all the articles you have ever made. So that the maximum result you are able to combine fetch as articles with submit articles.

4. Looking for Backlinks

Backlinks are very important in the world of SEO. And will be very big arm if you have a quality backlink. Beautiful backlinks are backlinks that you get from quality sites. It's different if you embed a backlink on public media like Facebook that has a bad Alexa Rank. Instead of adding value to your blog in search engines, it will actually sink your blog.

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