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How to Overcome the Problem Can't Enable SSL Blogger

The issue of CertificatesService.Insert APP_ERROR error on Blogger / blogspot will appear when we are unable to activate the SSL feature on Blogger settings. Blogger mainly uses Custom Domains or replaces blogspot.com with TLD (top level domain). Actually, this problem has been experienced by some Blogger users when Google first implemented the use of an SSL certificate on blogspot. However, I have just experienced this problem on one of my blogs that hasn't received the latest SSL update. In this case, SSL Blogspot should already be using GTS CA 1D2 but on my blog this one is still Let's Encrypt .

Initially I disabled the SSL feature settings. Then reactivate it, hoping that SSL will change to GTS CA 1D2.

Like a tit for the hell, what I get is a warning like this:

That is, I can't activate the SSL feature. Instantly I feel sorry for having released the previous SSL. In fact, the SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt is enough rather than not using SSL at all.

After searching here and there, it turns out the solution is very easy, which is as follows.

How to Overcome the Problem Can't Enable SSL Blogger / Blogspot

The problem of not being able to activate the SSL certificate on Blogger / blogspot is marked by the appearance of a message An error occurred (code CertificateService.Insert APP_ERROR). Please try again.

If you happen to experience the problem above, then do the following steps.

  1. Verify that the CNAME settings in the DNS configuration are done correctly.
  2. Go to Settings > Basic > Publication > Blog Address.
  3. Remove the custom domain custom attribution on Blogger by clicking the X in the domain.
  4. Then the blog address will berbubah back into namablog.blogspot.com . 
  5. Then make sure the SSL settings are active again. If not, please activate.
  6. Then replace your Blogger domain again with a special domain (TLD). With a click click + Siapkan URL pihak ketiga untuk blog Anda.
  7. Don't forget to check the non www to wwww redirect box , if your primary domain wants to be redirected to www.
  8. Now SSL for blogs with special domains (TLDs) is already active.

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