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Installing the Blogger Meta Tag Title with the Latest Conditional Tags

To make the current meta tag title, the code is getting shorter. Given the conditional tags used to render titles (blog and article titles) on each page, it's been shortened by Blogger. This meta title tag is usually placed at the very top in an HTML, which is between the code and The most often we encounter on most Blogger / Blogspot templates, the meta tag title is placed under the code along with the other meta tag code lines. Simply put, for the title meta tag code using the latest non-conditional, it looks more or less like this:



<b: if cond = 'data: view.isHomepage'>
<title>< data: blog.title/> </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.isPost or data: view.isPage or data: view.search.label '/>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> </title>
<b: elseif cond =' data: view.search.query '/>
<title> <data: view.search. resultsMessage /> </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.search and! data: view.search.label and! data: view.search.query' />
<title> <data: blog.title / > </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.isArchive' />
<title>< data: view.archive.rangeMessage/> </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.isError' />
<title>404 Page Not Found </title>
</ b: if>

You can configure the meta tag above by separating certain conditional tags, to be more specific. Like this:
<b: if cond = 'data: view.isSingleItem'>
<title>< data: blog.pageName/> </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.isHomepage' />
<title> <data: blog.title /> </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.search.label' />
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/> </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.search.query '/>
<title><data:view.search.resultsMessage/> </title>
<b: elseif cond =' data: view.search and! data: view.search.label and! data: view.search.query '/>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/> </title>
<b: elseif cond =' data: view.isArchive '/>
<title> <data: view.archive.rangeMessage / > </title>
<b: elseif cond = 'data: view.isError' />
<title> 404 Not Found </title>
</ b: if>

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