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Bing is repeating some of the limitations already placed on AI by Microsoft -Gamekhol

A while back Microsoft limited how long people could talk to Bing, and after complaints, it's expanding access again.

 Now Microsoft is coming up with a number of reactions, including loosening the restrictions it already placed on many reactions with the Bing AI chatbot. Microsoft said it is about to start testing another option. Which lets users customize the tone of the chat with options for specific (shorter, more focused replies), reactive (longer and more focused replies). There will be some balancing for both.


After several reports of Bing's strange behavior (like it split into multiple personalities and one of them offered us a furry video), the jailbreak asked to look into things like revealing its secret rules. Microsoft made new rules for Bing last week. which may limit the number of examiner movements. And how long they can communicate. Limits limit testers to seven turns per session and a maximum of 45-50 per day.

 According to Microsoft's report, anyone can "repeat" long chat sessions to Bing. Bing may be prompted or prompted to provide such responses if not helpful or consistent with our designed tone. If for anyone with access Backing up to 60 chat turns per session with a maximum of 60-70 chats per day. A post on his blog says that the plan is to increase the daily cap to 100 sessions soon. This search is to be allowed. From now on all chats are counted. don't do.

Microsoft says it doesn't "fully envision" people using Bing AI bots as social and social entertainment. But even seasoned tech reporters have failed this version of the mirror test. It also introduced new roadrails.

Ars Technicolor reported that commenters on Reddit or any social media complained about the limitation a few days ago, saying that Microsoft had "lobotomized" her, "neutered" the AI, and that she was "a shell of her former self." There are a lot of people that the Bing team is responding to in several of their posts.


Accuracy Issue

"We intend to bring back the previous and many long chats that have been deleted. We are definitely talking about the best way to work. We are working very hard on that. The first thing we are going to do is That is, we have increased the number of conversations per session to 6 units. And now you can have extended conversations up to 60 chats per day. Our report shows that for most people, this represents your natural daily use of Bing. That said, our aim is to further expand the use of Bing. We are working on plans to increase the daily cap to 100 total chats in a short while. Also, changes to your general search will now count towards your Bing chat totals. We will keep you updated with now more updates. will provide as we continue to make improvements to the model," the company said in a blog post.

The long-term problem of Bing AI chatbots is how to reduce the number of parameters in the AI model by 10 -100 times, without losing any accuracy.

"How do you most effectively eliminate the consequences is still a general question," according to a report from someone who previously ran Intel Corp's AI chip efforts. Now through his startup MosaicML, BingAI bots work to reduce computing costs.

Meanwhile, some have decided to charge for access. But it decided to have a $20 per month subscription to OpenAI for better ChatGPT service. The workaround is applying those small AI models to simple tasks, which Alphabet is exploring, technology experts said.

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