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Now nobody can stop you from printing any circuit board - Gamekhol

 Making a PCB is the easiest and cheapest, they will let you draw whatever you want there and even the police won't stop you.

In this time, people's relationship with technology has increased a lot. But it is still unclear. On average, they have no direct control over technology. It is usually much less. If given a small box or anything that sometimes breaks and eventually gets destroyed.

A lot of people who have known DIY freaks, keyboard nerds and synth weirdos for a long time. Stock of your own innovative design PCBs shipped to your home. With a little knowledge in KiCad, if you really want to customize a PCBs circuit board in your own way you can turn it into a personal canvas for fun.

Why would I want to do this?

You might be asking why I want to make a PCB board?" That's a great question! My initial desire to do this came from my many experiences with mechanical keyboards. Most of the designs in this community are open source. That is. If you also want you can get a rack of custom made keyboard PCB together with you and your friends.Just order the board multiple parts from AliExpress or several suppliers of keyboard parts in your country.

PCBs don't stop at the keyboard. For that it offers free and open source boards to print out and doodle on, synths and vintage game mods or much more. Dig into GitHub a little bit. You'll be surprised at the number of quirky little projects you'll find in it. With several processes for ordering PCBs, familiarization with the basics and advanced gear can be advanced. You don't have to do any doodling if you don't want to. Just being more able to create a board is just a useful one.

What's more, many keyboard designs often use fiberglass plates of PCBs extensively to create a sandwich style case for the keyboard. It provides an elegant layout for silkscreening a variety of whimsical doodles. Get creative with Photoshop and the Footprint editor in KiCad. You can craft another piece of gear. Which only you have. If you have natural art along with skill, you can get a good performance using your own art. However, don't use this to make a living from an art you're not good at.

Well, you've sold me. How can I do this?

To build a PCBs board, you select a project of yours, usually GitHub for the PCBs circuit board of your choice. Now you need to find the Gerber files. And setup your account, and clone the repo. You can use several tools like DownGit to manually download this board.

There are a handful of keyboards (mainly ergonomic split keyboards). All that is needed to get started is a board that you can use to download print and doodle. It doesn't require a lot of small surface-mounted parts. It is easy to solder in your own home. However many companies like JLC PCB will sell you several parts. Assembly will do if you have the files, but that is considered beyond the scope of this post.

If you want to use KiCad you have to download it. It is considered to be the most free and open source electronics design suite. There are a large number of people using PCBs boards online. Get the project from the reporet  of your no choice. You can draw or select no an image of your own. You want something that looks black and white. I'll try resizing my image once in something like Photoshop before bringing it into my project.

Your image will now appear in black and white. You can freely use different tabs to view it. You can make several changes to the image or reverse it if it doesn't work with your silk screen. Most are going to be working with white silkscreen. If you are working with white FR4t the silk will appear black in that case, so keep that in mind when setting a negative price on your art. You can also increase the contrast usage in KiCad to make the file look a little better. You can always come back here. And the silkscreen isn't complete when you leave it on your board. And you probably will.

When the keyboard you ordered arrives, it will come packaged in a small box. Will be ready to solder and assemble. If you have a new keyboard, you will need other additional keyboard parts. That's why you will have to place an order online on AliExpress at that time. You can support one of the suppliers for many beautiful keyboards. The order you placed is for cheap keyboard manufacturing only. Building multiple keyboards may require multiple arcade sticks and trackball PCBs. Made Domesday has received duplicators. It is quite simple. I love putting Pop Team Epic characters on my gadgets. But if you become more proficient with tools like KiCad, you can not only silkscreen print, you can also create an elaborate piece of art very well. which integrates existing copper layers into the art itself. If you really know how to draw and design, you can be a force to reckon with.

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