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Not Up to 5 Seconds Article Posting to INDEX by Google Search Engine


Not Up to 5 Seconds Article Posting to INDEX by Google Search Engine

How are you guys? Good luck always and cheap fortune. For those who are single I pray that they can get a boyfriend soon.
This time I will share an experience of being a Blogger, where the articles we publish have not yet appeared in the eyes of the Google Search Engine.

In this article, I will share tips or tricks for articles that you share quickly to be indexed by Google.
Here I will show directly the steps - because by chance I will also index the Posts on other Blogs that I manage and coincidentally, the blog is still new and it hasn't even been 2 days since I built the Blog but it's been directly INDEX by Google.

The following are the steps for your article to be quickly indexed by Google's search engine.

Steps - Steps Quick article Indexed by Google Search Engine

Table of contents:

1. Explanation of Blogger
Blogger was established in the year ... eh how come it is actually even History ... Ok just simple explanation so that this tutorial is not too many pleasantries that are not useful / useful like Trending videos on YouTube at this time. Hehehe.

Blogger sacara generally used by Bloggers to be a vehicle or a place to share useful information. If it is not useful Google will double the articles that have been published on the Blog that you manage.

The era is more advanced, individuals are getting smarter to find solutions and loopholes, Google is also increasingly developing intelligence in the virtual media or the Online World where Google is the single largest platform and until now no one has been able to compare to its sophistication.

We must go forward juha sodaraku, because if not, we will be left behind information about the Internet or cyberspace. The more we want to keep abreast of the sophistication of Google, the more advanced our careers become a Blogger who is being an OTW to become a Professional Blogger.

2. Explanation of Google
More or less I have reviewed in the Explanation of Blogger, that Google is the largest platform wherever he is, because indeed until now no one can compare the sophistication.

Google has an algorithm that is so difficult for us to predict traffic, like the example of trending right now is the problem of cassava food, but the next day that will be trending is Smartphone. This has become a confidentiality by Google to deal with solutions or gaps that have been Professional Blogger experts to become the best in the Internet or cyberspace.

In my opinion Google has made fair between Professional Blogger and new bloggers, this way the competition is getting tougher and fairer too.

3. Explanation about Google Search Engine
A little I have touched on the problem of trending on Explanation of Google where Treding here is a Keyword on the Google Search Engine that is often typed by someone to many people in this World that Google has adjusted the category even in different countries.

This is in the spotlight of Professional Bloggers to search for keywords so that when making a Post Article can be made recommendations from Google to be the Top One page in the Google Search Engine.

4. Explanation of Google Search Console
Google Search Console, is a must for us to use every day. That way we will always be helped so that the Blogs that we have built become what we want.

Google Search Console is a Product Developer from Google, especially for Websmaster to manage various websites from different platforms or CMS.

Is it just Blogger? no, but Wordpress and others can also use this Webmaster as it functions.

5. Explanation about Making Article Posts
We as Bloggers who are OTW become Professional Bloggers need to be very concerned about how to make good and good and correct posting articles, how come the sentences are not quite right? I mean Good and Right. He is pleasant to hear.

Yep, so make a posting article it would be nice to adjust to your knowledge or your experience, do not let the article that you created is the result of Copas from other people's blogs instead your blog will be judged by visitors that a fake blog or a fake blog that will actually cause visitors to feel not happy even the high end-endko high (like a disease, yes), I can be reported to Google that your article is someone else's article or can be called Copy Content.

in the paragraph above, it is a paragraph that I have consistently made is not good and right. because with one (1) paragraph, you should pay attention to the period (.) comma (,), so that the sentence can be read well.

With so visitors will feel at home to read it. Don't be too long, don't be too convoluted, don't go too far (hehe).

6. Explanation of the Article Post URL
You need to note that the Article Post URL also affects the fate of the Article You Publish, if an error occurs on the page URL, it will be difficult to index by the Google Search Engine.

The cause of an error in the Index by Google, Usually the article that you have published was deleted and you re-created the article with the same title and URL.

With the same URL make your Post Article URL also the same, but a little different at the very back with additional characters and numbers for example like https: //....._24.

How to handle it? better from now on pay attention to the URL of the Post article that you created earlier not to be automatically created by Blogger, by selecting the Settings entry next to each time you create an article then select Link and activate the Special Permanent Link .

Addendum: To create your own URL or custom, you pay attention to the uppercase, uppercase and other characters.

7. Explanation of Search Descriptions
In the case of making Post Articles you must note that the Search Descriptions are in the Entry settingsalso includes an important part in making Article Posts, so that your articles will be more complex even though graduation descriptions will automatically be made by Google itself by taking a snapshot of the paragraphs in the article that you have created.

Get used to make a description that shows the conclusions or the essence of the article that you will make.

8. Explanation of SEO
SEO is very sensitive to discuss, because the more we look for information about SEO the more we are confused which one is right which is wrong.

I will try to straighten out the explanation about this SEO.

So this is like Mas, Om, Bang, Ma'am, Mbok De etc. SEO itself contains a lot of elements that are so complicated, because SEO is not enough to make articles with solid keywords.

There are still many ways for our article to be SEO.

What things affect SEO?

many things that affect SEO, namely Templates, Article Content, Keywords, Descriptions, Unique writing, and many more difficult terms. hehehe (just say if you don't know).

But in general, SEO is very concerned about the keywords in the article that you make and it would be better to immediately provide the meta tag code on your blog by registering your Blog URL to Google Search Console and also do not forget to also register your Blog URL on the Bing Web Master .

Enter Sitempa with Blog URL format and add at the end of sitempa.xml, for example like this htpps: //www.URLBlogAnda.sitemap.xml.

You need to know, www. in front of the Blog URL is very important here (how do you know). Try your own experiment.

9. Tutorial
Kali I will share how to get your article quickly indexed by Google even less than 5 seconds.

Not Up to 5 Seconds Article Posting to INDEX by Google Search Engine

1. Login Blogger.com.
2. Open Google Search Console.
You can also open Google Search Console via Blogger by opening the Blog settings on your Blogger Dashboard, then selecting Search Preferences then clicking Edit on Google Search Console
3. After you sign in to Google Search Console, select the Inspection URL menu .
4. Enter the article URL of the post that you want to inspect .
View image:
In the picture above, there is a History URL that I have Inspected, that is, in my new Blog that is in accordance with my experience here, it has not been indexed by Google. In this way, even the article posting article and my Blog URL have been successfully indexed by the Google Search Engine.
5. I will give an example of how to Inspection URL of the article post.
View image:
In the picture above, it can be seen that the URL of my Post article has no History Inspection.
6. See the picture below, for the first picture is Loading when we enter when inspect the URL of the Blog Post Article and the second image is the result of Inspection .
View image:
View image:
In the picture above it appears that the URL of our article has not been indexed by Google.
7. How to find out that the URL of our Blog or our Post Article has not been indexed by the Google Search Engine by visiting the Google Search Engine and typing in the code like the example below
In the picture above, it is evident that the site: with the URL of the article I have not indexed by Google.
8. Ask Google to index the URL of your article posting in 2 ways, namely directly or LIVE and Request Indexing.
9. I recommend choosing directly or LIVE to make it faster for us to know that Google has done it. But actually, even though we're not LIVE , Google will definitely finish the job.
View image:
View image:
10. Now do step 7.
View image:
In less than 5 seconds, your Post Article has been indexed by the Google Search Engine. Not fast ... Try it yourself with the way you make the article first and then Publish, then index to Google Search Console.

That way your Post Articles will immediately be indexed by the Google Search Engine super fast.

Quite so first Tutorial or Tips and Tricks about Indexing Articles and Posts Quickly and Super Fast (what's the difference try). Hehehe. Anyway, this method is the fastest way to index our post articles. Thank you for the support you have given us. Hopefully you become a Professional Blogger quickly.

Maybe next time I will make an article or trick to become a Professional Blogger quickly and lightly sure. hehehe I just OTW want to teach: D. basically we learn with guys. OK That's all, hopefully useful.

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