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Threads App Hits 100 Million Users Within 5 Days to Launch

Thread instagram app

In the world of tech, where startups constantly come and go, it's rare to see one that gains massive popularity within just a few days after launching. However, that's exactly what happened with the Threads app.

Five days after its launch, the messaging app has already hit a staggering 100 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing apps in history. So, what are Threads all about, and how did they capture the attention of so many people in such a short amount of time?

What are Threads?

Threads is a messaging app that was launched by Instagram, a popular photo-sharing platform. The app allows you to send messages, photos, and videos to your close friends list on Instagram. Essentially, it's a more intimate version of Instagram's direct messaging feature.

The Threads app also has a unique feature called "Status." This feature allows users to update their status, similar to how they would on WhatsApp. However, Threads takes it a step further by allowing users to fully customize their status with text, emojis, and even music. This adds a fun element to the app and allows users to express themselves in new ways.

Why Did Threads Get So Popular?

Five days after its launch, Threads reached an impressive milestone of 100 million users. So, what led to this unprecedented level of success in such a short amount of time?

Firstly, the app is built around the concept of close friends, which is something that resonates with people. In today's world, we often have hundreds of friends on social media, but only a select few are our "close" friends. Threads capitalize on this idea and provide a platform exclusively for those relationships.

Secondly, the app's unique status feature allowed users to express themselves in new ways that weren't previously possible on social media. It's a fresh take on updating your friends about what's going on in your life. By allowing users to customize their status with music, emojis, and text, Threads creates a more engaging and fun approach to staying connected with friends.

Lastly, the app was launched by Instagram, which has a massive user base. This helped Threads gain a significant initial user base and allowed it to quickly spread through word-of-mouth.

The Future of Threads

Threads has impressive potential, and its launch success is a testament to that. However, the app is still in its early stages, and many users have yet to experience all of its features.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how Threads evolves and whether it continues to maintain its popularity. Regardless, it's exciting to see a new social media app make such a splash in the industry.


Threads is a new messaging app that has quickly gained popularity by offering a platform for close friends to connect in new ways. Its unique status feature, which allows users to fully customize their messages, was a significant contributing factor to its successful launch.

Although Threads has already surpassed 100 million users in just five days, only time will tell if it will continue to grow at this rapid rate. However, the app's early success certainly suggests that it has the potential to change the game when it comes to social media and messaging apps.

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