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Proposal for Finish Line Adjustment at World Athletics Championships 2023 by Slovakian Race Walker


In a notable proposition that has garnered attention within the athletic community, a Slovakian race walker has put forth a proposal for the alteration of the finish line protocol at the World Athletics Championships 2023. This proposal, brought forward by an athlete with a keen eye for enhancing the competitive fairness and clarity of race outcomes, presents an insightful perspective on refining the conclusion of race walking events.

Refinement of Finish Line Protocol

The proposal centers on the modification of the existing finish line protocol employed in race walking competitions, with the intention of ensuring a more accurate and equitable determination of the race's conclusion. The athlete from Slovakia, renowned for their proficiency in race walking, advocates for the introduction of a sensor-based system that can precisely detect when a competitor's torso crosses the finish line.

Benefits of the Proposed Adjustment

The suggested adjustment to the finish line protocol offers several tangible advantages for race walking events. Firstly, by implementing a sensor-based system, the subjectivity associated with human judgment in determining the winner would be mitigated. This technological precision would provide athletes with a more transparent and just conclusion to their efforts.

Secondly, the proposal aims to reduce the potential for controversies arising from photo-finish scenarios. The utilization of a sensor-based system would substantially minimize the likelihood of disputes over race outcomes, thereby upholding the integrity of the sport and the Championships.

Furthermore, the incorporation of such advanced technology aligns with the broader trend seen in modern athletics, where precision and objectivity are increasingly prioritized. The adoption of this proposal would underscore the World Athletics Championships' commitment to embracing technological advancements that enhance the accuracy and credibility of competitive events.

Considerations and Implementation

While the proposal holds promise, its implementation warrants careful consideration and feasibility assessment. Factors such as the selection of appropriate sensor technology, calibration, and system redundancy to ensure accuracy and reliability must be thoroughly addressed. Collaboration with experts in sports technology and race officiating would be pivotal in the successful execution of this adjustment.


In conclusion, the proposal put forth by the Slovakian race walker introduces a compelling perspective on refining the finish line protocol at the World Athletics Championships 2023. By advocating for the incorporation of a sensor-based system, the proposal seeks to elevate the precision, transparency, and fairness of race walking events. As the world of sports continues to embrace technological advancements, this proposition aligns with the broader trajectory towards enhancing the integrity and competitiveness of athletic competitions. Through meticulous consideration and collaborative efforts, the implementation of this proposal could potentially set a precedent for future refinements in race officiating across the athletic domain.

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