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Criterion Games Shifts Primary Focus Towards the Battlefield Franchise


Criterion Games, known for its contributions to the iconic Need for Speed series, has recently announced a significant shift in its development priorities. In an official statement, the studio conveyed its intention to primarily focus on the Battlefield franchise moving forward. This strategic decision reflects a concerted effort to align with Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE, emphasizing the importance of Battlefield within the broader portfolio of EA-owned game franchises.

A New Strategic Direction:

Criterion Games, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, has a storied history of developing high-octane racing titles, particularly in the Need for Speed series. However, the studio is now embarking on a new chapter by pivoting its primary focus towards the Battlefield franchise. This transition signifies a strategic realignment aimed at amplifying the impact of EA's flagship shooter series in the highly competitive gaming landscape.

Collaboration with DICE:

Criterion Games will collaborate closely with DICE, the renowned Swedish game developer responsible for the Battlefield series. This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both studios to deliver an enhanced gaming experience for Battlefield enthusiasts. Criterion's expertise in game development will be channeled into areas such as vehicle gameplay, an essential component of the Battlefield series.

Maintaining Commitment to Existing Projects:

Criterion Games remains committed to its ongoing projects, including the development of the next installment in the Need for Speed franchise. While the studio's primary focus will shift towards Battlefield, this commitment underscores their dedication to delivering quality gaming experiences across their entire portfolio.

Implications for Battlefield Fans:

The decision by Criterion Games to prioritize the Battlefield franchise carries several implications for fans and the gaming community at large. With Criterion's involvement, players can anticipate an elevated level of sophistication and depth in vehicle gameplay, a hallmark of the Battlefield series. This partnership is expected to yield innovative and exciting gameplay elements that will further enrich the Battlefield experience.

A Win-Win for EA:

Electronic Arts stands to benefit significantly from this strategic shift, as it bolsters the strength of the Battlefield franchise, one of its cornerstone IPs. This move underscores EA's commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to a global audience.


Criterion Games' decision to primarily focus on the Battlefield franchise represents a significant development in the gaming industry. The studio's collaboration with DICE is poised to enhance the Battlefield series, elevating it to new heights. As gamers eagerly await the next installment in the Battlefield franchise, they can look forward to the infusion of fresh ideas and gameplay elements that Criterion Games will bring to the table, reaffirming the enduring appeal of this iconic shooter series.

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