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The Strategic Merits of Utilizing the Necrochasm in Destiny 2: Addressing Community Concerns Regarding its Viability in End-Game Content


Destiny 2, a renowned online multiplayer first-person shooter (MMO FPS) game developed by Bungie, boasts a diverse arsenal of weaponry catering to various playstyles and preferences. Among these, the Necrochasm, a peculiar and enigmatic exotic weapon, has been a subject of intrigue and skepticism within the Destiny 2 community. This article aims to elucidate the rationale behind my choice of the Necrochasm and address the concerns regarding its viability, particularly in high-stakes end-game content such as raids.

The Legacy of the Necrochasm

The Necrochasm's journey in Destiny 2 began with its predecessor, the Crota's End raid in Destiny. As an exotic auto rifle, the Necrochasm was a coveted prize for dedicated Guardians, known for its unique perk, "Cursebringer." This perk allowed defeated enemies to explode, causing chain reactions and dealing area-of-effect damage. Despite its initial underwhelming performance, the Necrochasm underwent significant enhancements, becoming a formidable weapon in Destiny 2.

Examining the Necrochasm's Perks

To comprehend the Necrochasm's worth, it is essential to dissect its exotic perks. Its primary perk, "Harmony of Spheres," transforms precision kills into elemental explosions. This effect synergizes exceptionally well with high-mobility playstyles and abilities, as it rewards accuracy and precision. Moreover, the weapon's unique combination of an aggressive frame and a 900 rounds-per-minute fire rate makes it a potent tool for unleashing rapid damage upon foes.

The Viability of Necrochasm in Raids

The Destiny 2 community's concerns regarding the Necrochasm's viability in raids stem from its unconventional perks. However, when employed strategically, this exotic weapon can play a crucial role in raid encounters.

  1. Add Control: In many raid encounters, hordes of enemies known as "adds" can overwhelm Guardians. The Necrochasm's ability to trigger elemental explosions with precision kills is invaluable for swiftly dispatching these foes, providing crowd control in intense firefights.

  2. Chain Reactions: Raid encounters often involve closely grouped enemies. The Necrochasm's Cursebringer perk can cause chain reactions, leading to multiple explosions, and significantly aiding in clearing waves of adversaries.

  3. DPS Assistance: While the Necrochasm may not be the primary damage-dealing weapon in raids, it can serve as a reliable secondary weapon for staggering or softening bosses. Its high rate of fire allows for consistent damage output, albeit not as potent as specialized heavy weapons.

  4. Synergy with Team Compositions: When utilized in a coordinated team with complementary loadouts, the Necrochasm's elemental explosions can contribute to the overall efficiency of the group, especially when paired with abilities and supers that augment its effects.


The Necrochasm, often misunderstood and underestimated, possesses unique attributes that make it a viable choice for Guardians venturing into Destiny 2 raids and other end-game content. While it may not be the optimal choice for every encounter, its distinctive perks, add control capabilities, and potential for chain reactions render it a valuable asset in the arsenal of a skilled Guardian. Embracing the Necrochasm requires a strategic approach, teamwork, and a deep understanding of its perks to maximize its potential in high-stakes situations. As the Destiny 2 community continues to evolve, this exotic weapon's place in the Guardians' armory should not be underestimated or overlooked.

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